Monday, November 7, 2016

How Dare You?

It's time for me to preach to the choir one last time. This is my last Friendly Neighborhood Republican political piece. I realize I'm never going to change the mind of one person who says, "C'mon media, lie to me some more." I can't help anyone for whom liberalism has become a religion, someone who never digs, reads or watches something from another perspective and who thinks left-wing media bias is just a vast right-wing fantasy.

This is for Republicans with whom I'm pretty damned angry; those who, given any other election, would have voted a straight Republican ticket, but this time... I've divided these voters into a few categories. My friends, I'm talking to you, and it's not that "friendly:"

  1. I think this election's a joke:  If you're thinking of doing a write-in vote for Mickey Mouse or your best friend instead of voting for someone who actually has a chance to win this thing, you have my disdain. Brave Americans have fought, died, lived with PTSD, been arrested and marched in the streets for your right to stand at that poll and throw your vote away because you think it's funny. It's not. People thought it was funny to vote for Jesse Ventura, and an entire generation of Minnesotans struggle with math as a result. Your jokes have consequences.
  2. I'm a Rolls Royce Republican: You're the flip side of a Limousine Liberal. You're either so wealthy or self important that you believe no matter who wins it won't change your life. You think Trump is beneath you. Hell, you think this whole race is beneath you. And yes, when Hillary mandates single-payer healthcare, you may be able to buy into some Cadillac co-op, but can you buy your own hospital? The Clinton Machine has proven classism is thriving in America, so you know there are a different set of rules for you. You'll be able to keep your guns and get away with it, etc., etc. But if you have one moral bone in your body, which I believe you do, you'll understand that though you may be able to keep your lifestyle and even buy freedom (for a while), your fellow Americans cannot. Show your patriotism by voting on their behalf.
  3. I'm intentionally uninformed: You think it's bad to read the Wikileaks information because it came by ill-gotten gains. You believe Democrats when they say the Wikileaks e-mails aren't real. Do you remember this is politics, people? Do you really believe CNN fired Donna Brazile for no reason? Do you think the DNC fired chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (immediately hired by upstanding moralist HRC) for giggles? These entities are proving the legitimacy of the Wikileaks e-mails from both the DNC and Hillary's campaign manager, John Podesta, by their resulting actions. Remember some of the e-mails are from the FBI as well. Read them, believe them, and realize this is how America will be treated if you allow Hillary to become our next president by your inaction.
  4. Trump will get us into WWIII:  You believe because of his brash style he'll pop off and say something to some dictator that'll get us into a war. That's speculation. A person's prior acts predict future acts. Hillary's much more hawkish than Trump, which her tenure as Secretary of State during which she destabilized Syria, Libya, Iraq (there are too many horrible actions to list) shows. There are U.S. troops, as I write, risking their lives to win Mosul back from Isis. Our troops already fought and died to win Mosul. Hillary/Obama's decision to pull out of Iraq has sent our men and women to death's red carpet to fight for a city they already won. Obama is actually willing and ready to get into a cyber war with Russia over the Wikileaks e-mails! Let that sink in. They're willing to commit an act of war against a major world power over e-mails about Hillary's campaign, not even United States secrets. Do you want that on your conscience?
  5. I'm punishing somebody:  You're a Trump supporter who's mad at a Republican member of congress because he won't endorse Trump. You're punishing him by not voting for him. The uber-liberal Democrat running against him will probably win, but you don't care. You think there's no difference between the two. Do you understand how this works? It's all about seats. If Republicans lose too many seats, Paul Ryan will no longer be Speaker of the House. You say, "He's a RHINO anyway." Sigh. It's imperative no matter who is president that Republicans maintain congressional power to balance power if Hillary wins and to help Republicans get their agenda made into law if Trump wins. Not to mention, the Speaker of the House is third in line to the presidency. If you don't vote Republican on the down ticket out of spite, we might get this. I hope it haunts your dreams.

  6. My vote isn't important: This person also believes there is no voter fraud. No matter how many times you're told "every vote counts," it doesn't sink in. I live in Minnesota, a place where it feels like my many votes for Republican presidential candidates may as well have been burned. Whether the Republican won the national election or not, he never won my state. Don't be the kind of person who gives up. Participate in the process anyway, because just maybe your vote could change the tide (not like Obama promised his presidency would do in 2008; Hubris is Obama's best friend).
  7. I can't choose--they're both horrible:  Do you think every other voter in America is dancing through a field of daisies because of what a fabulous choice they have? You think politicians are all corrupt. You're forgetting Trump isn't a politician. The very reason so many in the establishment are against him is because they're afraid for their often wasteful jobs. Yes, Trump has done and said bad things. But did he sell 20 percent of America's uranium to Russia? Or did he use his position as Secretary of State to take food out of the mouths of starving children in Haiti to fill his pockets? Think of it this way: which candidate do you think loves America and Americans and won't intentionally do harm? Which candidate will sell America to the highest bidder? Voting is partially about being an adult. Be a grown up and choose. Unless it's her. Then stay home. 

A note to to Bernie supporters: I cannot for the life of me understand how you could go into that voting booth and choose the woman who stole your constitutional right to vote for the candidate of your choice. I'm not asking you to vote for Trump; but please, don't reward a person who screwed you against your will and then told you to just throw a little ice on that fat lip.

If you think you can just not vote, or leave the presidential vote blank, you may rationalize it by thinking, "I've washed my hands of this." But that doesn't leave you clean. Your inaction causes action, and your hands are still dirty.

Please vote.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hillary makes blatant public call for voter suppression!

On August 10, Hillary Clinton spoke to a rally of supporters in Des Moines, Iowa. Referring to Donald Trump's recent comments on the Second Amendment, she said: “Yesterday we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments by Donald Trump that crossed the line.” She went on to say, “As a young man in Florida said to me the other day, friends don’t let friends vote for Trump.”

Who has crossed the line now?

She's continued to say this phrase at rallies in the following days. "Friends don't let friends vote for Trump." I can't believe I'm hearing this from a presidential candidate. She's suggesting that her supporters commit voter suppression by stopping friends from voting if they intend to vote for Trump.

Voter suppression is, by definition, a strategy to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging or preventing people from exercising the right to vote. Isn't that exactly what Hillary is asking her supporters to do?

Adding to the offensive nature of this comment is the fact that it's a direct ripoff of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) slogan, "Friends don't let friends drive drunk." In 1983, MADD introduced this slogan urging people to look out for the lives of friends and others on the road by stopping them from drunk driving. One popular TV commercial said, " whatever it takes to stop him." According to the AdCouncil, since MADD launched the campaign, 68 percent of Americans report they have tried to prevent someone from driving after drinking. It's clearly a very effective slogan. 

How dare Hillary twist this laudable slogan to incite people to commit federal crimes.

Voter suppression laws vary by state, but federal laws supersede any state provisions in federal elections. There are specific federal laws against, and penalties for, bribing or in any way preventing a person from exercising his or her right to vote.

Hillary has repeatedly (often while cackling at her own cleverness) urged supporters to stop friends from exercising their right to vote because they'd vote for Trump. By using the plural "friends," she's asking her followers to commit multiple criminal acts of voter suppression. She leaves it to her followers to decide how to carry out this form of voter fraud.  By appropriating MADD's slogan, is Hillary suggesting her supporters "do anything to stop them?" The ways to stop someone from getting to the polls could be easily carried out on a massive scale, as she instructs them to do it at each rally she holds. All of her rallies are available online, thus expanding the numbers of devotees who'll hear her calls to action.

What kind of temperament must a presidential candidate have to openly tell people to commit voter suppression? Doesn't this repeated command alone suggest Hillary Clinton is unfit for the office of President of the United States?

This kind of dangerous rhetoric cannot go unexamined and ignored, but the mainstream media will likely do both. It's up to those of us who care about the truth to point out this egregious authoritarian order for the mass commission of federal criminal voter suppression being made by a presidential candidate. Our election integrity is at risk.

Speaking about Trump's controversial Second Amendment remark, retired Gen. Michael Hayden told CNN, "You’re not just responsible for what you say. You are responsible for what people hear." 

When Hillary says, "Friends don't let friends vote for Trump," some may hear the silly appropriation of a famous slogan meant to induce laughter. However, others may hear a command to commit voter suppression. How many will heed her call?

The real question is, why is Trump the only candidate to be held responsible for "what people hear?"