Thursday, March 25, 2010

Left says only "fringe" groups want ObamaCare repealed

A CBS poll was released Wednesday in which participants were asked, "Should Republicans continue to challenge the health care bill?" A whopping 62 percent of participants answered "yes," and 33 percent answered no.

That's nearly two in three Americans who want Republicans to continue to fight against this horror Obama just signed into law.

Lefty bloggers have overwhelmingly been referring to those who oppose health care "reform" or who want the new law repealed, as "fringe" groups, or the "fringe" of the Republican party.

Rasmussen's health care poll shows 55 percent of those polled in favor of repealing health care reform, with nearly 60 percent of senior citizens polled in favor of a repeal. Furthermore, the Rasmussen poll shows 60 percent of Americans think the new health care law will increase the federal deficit.

Fringe, huh?

I'd like to see a rug made out of those kinds of ratios. It would look something like this:

You can't have a rug made out of two thirds fringe. Pretty soon, it's no longer a rug, it's just a bunch of fringe. I'd like to see Nancy Pelosi try to wipe her dirty pumps on that.

It's time for them to face the fact that the people they have tried so hard to label the lunatic fringe are fast becoming mainstream America.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The "Stupak Swindle"

Obama is applauded after signing the health care bill, Tuesday, March 23, 2010. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

In a move I have christened the "Stupak Swindle," President Obama signed the health care bill into law today, knowing full well it still included all of the pro-abortion funding language.

What he didn't sign was the Executive Order he promised to Representative Bart Stupak, a Democrat from Michigan, which Obama ensured would deny funding for abortions through the new health care legislation.

Stupak is a pro-life Democrat who, along with a dozen or so other pro-life Democrats, held up the passing of this legislation for quite some time. He and his followers relented and voted for the bill after meeting with President Obama and being promised by Obama an Executive Order that would eliminate the abortion funding.

I think Stupak was the only one who actually bought this. It seems every other pro-lifer in America knew President Obama would find some way not to keep his word to Stupak once his vote was purchased for the health care bill.

A Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) Blog post written yesterday, Abortion-expansion health care bill will become law, explains how the Executive Order was essentially meaningless anyway, and provides excellent links, such as the National Right to Life's March 19 letter to the House of Representatives, which very thoroughly explaines all the pro-abortion language included in the bill, now the law of the land.

Pro-lifers will continue to fight against what the MCCL President Leo LaLonde called, "the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe vs. Wade."

Monday, March 22, 2010

Democrats walk in lockstep to House floor prior to health care vote in disgusting display of self-perceived superiority

(AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke) Pelosi and friends begin their public lockstep journey
to the House vote on health care reform.

Prior to the beginning of health care debate, House Democratic leaders walked in lockstep outdoors -- the long route to the House floor -- to convey their unity of mind in passing the historic bill." So say many articles on the web.

I think this is beyond scary, and I've been looking for images of this for a while.

I found them. As the old cliché says, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Here are "3,000 words" summing up the health care debate as represented by Speaker Pelosi and her ilk.

(link will bring you to the rest of this article on

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Flags and Health Care "Reform"

If this health care reform monstrosity passes (I hear they may try to do it as early as tomorrow), I will fly my flag at half mast.

Rules about such things say only the Governor of a state or the President of the United States can order flags flown at half mast and only for certain reasons, such as the death of a former president, etc.

Who will have died?


Who will have ordered the flag's lowering?


If they can do this to my country and to my family and to me, then I can declare whatever I want about my own flag. Because I will feel very separate from the government. I almost just wrote "my" government. But it won't be mine anymore if they do this awful thing to us, if they get away with what they are trying to do to our beautiful country.

Because it will still be my country. It will still be my flag. But Obama won't be my president anymore.

I have always said, even if I disagree with a president or if he has shamed our country (Clinton), he's still my president. I don't feel that way anymore. This is too much. It's too underhanded. Nancy Pelosi has the power of a Queen back when Queens had power, and Obama will sign this thing into law, complete with provisions that it can't be overturned. This is not how it's supposed to be.

This spring I will travel to Arlington, VA to bury the ashes of a wonderful man. He was a Marine Captain in World War II in the Pacific theater. He was in charge of all the marines on the U.S.S. Missouri, where the peace treaty with the Japanese was signed, ending the war.

He will be buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. I dearly loved this man. He fought for our freedom, our liberty, our flag.

So my flag is mine to do with what I will because I am an American and this lovely man fought for my freedom. You may decide what you wish to do with your own flags, if you have them. You can join me in this expression of grief, or you can find your own way to express yourself. I will lower my flag if these people get away with this abomination on my country and the death of its liberty.

If you think I've gone too far, then you don't know what is really in this bill.

This is just my way. And at least for a while, I will still be free to express myself however I choose.

Obama to appear on FOX News with Bret Baier tonight

President Obama, in a move that has many on both sides of the isle confused, has done an interview with Bret Baer, host of FOX News Special Report, which will air tonight on FOX at 5 p.m. Central time.

This interview is unprecidented because the White House attempted to impose a ban on FOX news from their press pool early in Obama's administration. They didn't even want FOX in the press pool during press conferences, let alone granting interviews to them.

Preview: Obama on 'Special Report'

So why is Obama doing this? From the looks of the preview (above), he's going to strong-arm Baer into being unable to ask relevant questions, which will transform it from an interview into a propaganda lecture. I think that's the reason: to bring the Obama propaganda to a new audience.


In two interviews with FOX Reporter Meghan Kelly, Bart Stupak says he is still prepared to vote "no" on this bill because it includes federal funding for abortions.

Stupak was adamant that he will still guarantee a "no" vote until that language is changed. He has several other Democrats who are prepared to vote "no" as well, though that number has varied in news reports from a dozen to five.

Stupak said in his interview with Kelly that he was prepared to continue his "no" vote, and he was sure that media reports about which members of the original "Stupak 12" have changed their minds are incorrect.

He says it's clear that in page 2070 of the bill that abortion is covered, and that he is just reflecting the will of his constituents and the American people who overwhelmingly oppose federal funding for abortions.

Stupak says, "There is no doubt in my mind that the Democratic majority would like to see public funding for abortion."

Watch the interview for yourself. It's really quite compelling and gives you a peek into the window of the House of Representatives, if we can really call it that anymore.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oberstar Announces He Will Vote for ObamaCare Without Abortion Language -- Time to Get to Work!

Jim Oberstar said in an interview reported by the Associated Press this morning that he will vote "yes" for ObamaCare, after starting out as one of the ever-shrinking "Stupak 12" pro-life Democrats who opposed this bill because it would force the use of federal money to pay for abortions.

"Absolutist positions on one issue are not useful," Oberstar said,noting that discussions are still under way on adjusting the abortion language in the final bill that will follow the House passage of the Senate bill.

The first thought I have upon reading this is: the quote, "Absolutist positions on one issue are not useful," is the most robotic quote I may have ever heard.

Think about it. You can hear a robot saying those words, can't you?

The robot says in his non-human, nasal, scripted monotone containing just a hint of a programmed echo, ""

What did they do to this guy?

This is not just your average issue, Jim. It's abortion. It's about human life. It's about saving those lives. It's about not forcing your fellow American citizens to pay for killing human beings. It's about not having the blood of the innocent on your hands.

The second thought I have is: It's time to pick up the telephone!

So, if you are so inclined (and please be so inclined) here's his phone number:

Rep. James L. Oberstar (D-MN-08)

Call: 202-225-6211

Even if you're not in his district, you are a Minnesotan. Minnesotans have relatives. I personally have dozens of them who live in the 8th District, which Oberstar represents. Minnesotans have cabins "up north." We have friends there. Call your relatives and friends and ask them to call Jim. Time is closing in, and we can't possibly fight too hard for this.

I remember my cousin pointing out Oberstar's house to me when I was a kid on a bike. I'm a grandmother now. Probably time to retire this guy, huh?

Well, if you're on Facebook, you can join the "James Oberstar Retirement Task Force" page.

Now, after you've done all that, Facebook your relatives or friends who vote in the 8th District, and ask them to join the "James Oberstar Retirement Task Force" page. Then ask them to campaign and vote for for whomever goes up against him.

Then get off the phone, get off your computer, and live your life. Thanks. Ya done good.

(You can also read a very similar article in my column on I love the photo--and the timliness of the photo--so much I can't stand it.)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The scariest video I've ever seen--starring Nancy Pelosi as the tyrannical lunatic

Please check out my article on It was written in honor of the 4,000 Minnesotans who stood in the gloom of a damp March day for the "Kill the Bill" rally today in St. Paul.

(AP Photo Manuel/Balce Ceneta)
Nancy Pelosi speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill Friday, March 12, 2010.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SD42 Full Committee Meeting - Republicans Are Energized!

There is something inspiring about standing in a room saying the Pledge of Allegiance in a confident, clear voice, with hand over heart, and knowing everyone in the room reciting that pledge with you means every word of it.

I just came from the SD42 Full Committee Meeting at the Eden Prairie Community Center. Most wouldn't describe a meeting at which Robert's Rules of Order reign supreme as fun, but it was.

I have to say that seeing people I have known for some time now and meeting new friends there was so great.

There was laughter, applause, a standing ovation for the man who has stepped up to the very important plate of running for an absolutely essential office and for the man who made a very humble decision to step aside to help make the SD42 Republicans even stronger.

There were so many new faces, and it was really energizing to see them and hear their ideas. There was also at one point such a palpable feeing of passion and drive that it was quite moving. We are ready to ensure the success of those who put themselves out there to represent us in this republic we love. We are ready to "rally the troops" to win in 2010, and though some of it sounded really fun and there was a lot of levity, we were also soberly reminded of how vitally important our success is to our children's futures and the future of our country.

I was speaking to a woman after the meeting, and we were talking about how some are in despair over what is happening to our country. She told a story about open hearts ready to rise up and protect their nation. I told her that the day of the presidential election, I told my son I thought we would get the president we deserved.

We did.

Someone I respect and love dearly once told me that when God wants you to take action about something, He first taps you on the shoulder; then He knocks on the door; then He rings the doorbell; then He knocks you upside the head; and then, if you still don't pay attention to Him, He may put up a brick wall.

Well, we Republicans are paying attention now. I think this country is going to see people rise up to save it like nothing it has ever seen. And it starts here, in Eden Prairie. It starts with the school board and the City Council. It starts with our state representatives and senators. These hyper-local positions may seem unimportant to some, but we have to change our minds about that.

For example, school boards can have a huge effect on what your children learn. When my son was small, there was a huge local brouhaha over what I liked to call the "existential math" they were teaching in the lower grades, which led to a bunch of fifth graders arriving at Oak Point unable to do simple multiplication and division, and sometimes even addition and subtraction. We, and many other parents, attended school board meetings and wrote letters to the editor. Ultimately we taught our own children with flashcards at dining room tables until they were ready for math. My son still isn't confident of his math skills as a high school senior, though he has always done well in math. It's just a product of being so unsure about math as a small boy for so long, and the feeling stuck with him, even though his skills progressed.

Local political positions do matter.

Every one of the open seats in this district will have a direct effect on you and your families. If you care about them, your city, and your country, join the rest of us and help turn the wrongs that were done in the 2008 election around.

Tonight I spent two hours with a group of patriots. I am lifted up by it. You can be too. Find out the website of your local district, and contact them about helping in any way you can. (The SD42 website link is on the right of this page under "Excellent Links.") Some can donate much needed funds, some can make phone calls, some can knock on doors, and some can run for office. Republicans, it's time to take action, because I think we ignored that tap on the shoulder and the knock at the door. In my opinion, we were knocked upside the head in 2008.

Look out America. Republicans are paying attention, and we're taking action.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Party of "No" Vol. 1: Anti-Health Care Reform

Part of the left's trying to label the Republican party the party of "no" is by saying we are "anti-health care reform." Not so. Most Conservatives believe health care should be private and not a government entity. Conservatives have come up with a lot of effective ideas for improving health care in America, such as allowing coverage for pre-existing conditions, enacting tort reform, allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines or allowing small businesses and independent contractors to form purchasing pools with which to purchase health insurance. We believe government should provide a safety net for those who need it, not overhall what works for most people because a relative few don't have what they need. Most of all, we believe in educating people about what Obamacare really is. We are pro-health care reform, just not the reform progressives want.

Many conservatives would like to see changes in the current system, such as insurance companies allowing coverage for pre-existing conditions, which can bankrupt a family if one of their family members has a chronic health condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or a chronic pain condition.

Insurance companies have to realize that pre-existing conditions are not like injuries incurred in a car accident or on the job. Those injuries and everything relating to them need to be paid by the auto insurance company or workers compensation. I understand an insurance company not wanting to pay for injuries for which the person has other insurance coverage and that insurance will pay those bills. In those cases, the auto insurance or workers compensation will follow that person wherever they go and whatever health insurance they have.

But a pre-existing condition is different. If someone develops high blood pressure while they are covered by Insurance Company A, and they, for whatever reason, must switch to Insurance Company B, Insurance Company A isn't responsible for the high blood pressure and will not pay for anything associated with it. It doesn't follow the patient anywhere. The practice of disallowing pre-existing conditions needs to stop, and I think insurance companies can afford it. Their executives are some of the highest paid professionals in the country.

Putting caps on malpractice awards would also help. The most these awards do is to line the pockets of trial lawyers. We have to stop being a "blame game" society. For example, the average cost of malpractice insurance for an OBGYN is $100,000 annually. The cost is passed directly to the consumer. The premiums are so high primarily because people have decided they have a "right" to a perfect baby. I can find no document giving people this right, but people still insist they have it. It stems, I think, from the lack of respect for the sanctity of life in our country. The most disgusting example of this is the "wrongful life" suit. This is when a woman or couple sue a doctor because he or she failed to diagnose a birth defect before birth, when the baby could have been aborted. Since the birth defect isn't detected until after the birth when, dang it, it is too late to legally kill the baby, the doctor is sued for the "wrongful life" of that child. If we were inject some common sense (or common decency) into malpractice lawsuits and have real tort reform, which most Conservatives believe in, we could considerably bring down the cost of health care in America.

Most Conservatives would like to allow people to shop for health insurance across state lines, just like any other service. For example, people who have adult children and live in a state that offers poor coverage for them might like to purchase health care in Minnesota, where insurance companies are mandated to cover adult children until age 26 regardless of student status. They aren't taking anything away from anyone by doing this because they are paying premiums for the privilege of buying this out-of-state health insurance. This will also stimulate the free market capitalist system because insurance companies or states will be forced to offer better products and services. This will improve health insurance, thus improving health care.

Most people who aren't politically affiliated or who are progressives think that if the health care bill passes on March 18, (the day Obama has declared as the deadline for voting on this bill), that they will magically have "free" health insurance. That's not how it works.

I think the best thing Conservatives could do would be to pour money into creating public service announcements (PSAs) to educate the public about what government-run health care is really like. They could teach people that they will be paying high taxes for health care while not receiving care for four years. On top of that tax money, they will have to continue paying their regular insurance premiums, which will skyrocket because they are anticipating huge losses once Obamacare is in place.

They could have PSAs that show how the "free" health care systems in Canada and the UK are doing. They could show the statistics of how many people die from certain cancers here and compare them to countries with socialized medicine. Guess what--when your health care is rationed, more people die. When you have extremely long waits for health care, more people die. Americans are hisotorically a generous people. We give more money to charitable organizations than any country in the world. What good does it do to give your money to the American Cancer Society to discover new life-saving treatments, only to have them go unused because they're too expensive. Patients could also die waiting for life-saving treatments because of long waiting lists or a lack of early detection.

The citizens also need to know about the government's actions regarding mandated health care. If you lose your job, you can't just get another job and get that corporation's health care; you are required to buy government health care. If you are young and healthy and don't want health care, the government will make you buy it. If you don't, you could be fined or imprisoned. Gee, that sounds like a free society to me: buy what the government wants you to buy or we throw you in jail. That's not America.

Conservatives believe that by turning over our health care to the government (a system which is failing in nearly every country that has enacted it), is to give up our inalienable right to liberty.

Do we think there are problems with health care as it stands? Yes. But we believe we can fix those problems without overhauling what is widely considered to be the best health care system in the world. President Obama has said that the American people deserve a final vote on health care reform. He means the current health care reform monstrosity they call a "bill." We want that vote to be a resounding "no."

But we are not anti-health care reform. We are pro-health care reform, if it complies with and doesn't endanger our constitutional rights.

Coming next: Party of "No" Vol. 2: Anti-Government

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Party of "No?"

Apparently most Democrats have gotten the talking points memo from the powers that be telling them to call Republicans the party of "no" and accuse them of being obstructionists.

Two people had these same remarks about an article I wrote for my column about Erik Paulsen. The posts were so similar that one might think they were written by the same person, but one of the posters assures us that they are two different people.

I find this happens so often it's funny. I'll be watching the Sunday morning shows or something on Fox, and the Democrats or progressives will all, without exception, use the same words, phrases, insults, etc. Then I say to my husband, "Well, it looks like everyone got the memo."

I know both political parties have their talking points, but I think the conservatives must know how to shake it up a little and make the words or ideas their own. They don't appear to be robots repeating what was programmed into their microchips.

The progressive's identical words and phrases will be used for about a week, and then new ones will replace them; unless there is a really good one they want to trot out all the time, like the allegation that the Republican party is the party of "no."

The party of "no." We're starting to hear it everywhere now. From conversations with progressives in our communities or families, to almost every progressive pundit on T.V. or radio saying the Republican party is the party of "no."

That couldn't be farther from the truth.

Progressives would say, "How can you say that? Let's enumerate everything you say no to. You're:
  1. against health care reform;
  2. anti-government;
  3. anti-choice;
  4. against business regulations;
  5. against the government's saving essential industries like banks and automobile manufacturers;
  6. anti-gay marriage;
  7. anti-gun control;
  8. against the separation of church and state;
  9. anti-environmentalist
  10. against teachers and public schools;
  11. anti-welfare and social safety nets.
You are the party of "no."

Every day, I will be writing a new column addressing each of the 11 things listed above and what I believe Conservatives should answer to the allegation of being the party of "no" in each case.

I look forward to exploring these issues in depth and slogging through the muck of accusations, lies and misunderstandings.