Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I was disgusted when I turned on the morning news shows today only to see that Governor Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy was the top news story of the day, even overshadowing the damage caused by hurricane Gustav.

Reporters are asking the McCain camp and pundits are opining about how this reflects on abstinence-only sex education. Their questions and speculations are disgusting and inappropriate.

How in the world do these people, who don’t know Sarah Palin or her family, presume to know what kind of sex education her daughter, Bristol, has had during her lifetime? How dare they try to use this young girl, who is clearly going through enough already, to push some kind of agenda about sex education?

This young woman is five months pregnant. She has probably had to endure first the realization to herself that she is pregnant, had to notify the father, and their parents. She is a senior in high school, and everybody at school has probably known for a while that the governor’s daughter is pregnant. That would be enough stress for any young woman.

Then her mom is chosen to be the vice presidential running mate for John McCain. Maybe she has dreaded the moment her pregnancy would hit the national news, maybe she is secure enough in the circle of love of her family that she is either insulated from it or no longer cares who knows about it because she has grown to love her baby and is proud to bring it to life. No one but she and her family know how she is feeling.

That is as it should be.

I can’t finish this blog without talking about the accusations that because Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant Sarah is a bad mother.

There is a list of things you don’t want to happen to your child. The biggies are: not graduate high school, do drugs, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, get arrested, get pregnant or get someone pregnant. When one of those things happens, you have to deal with your own private feelings of failure. Can you imagine the entire country weighing in on your parental qualifications under such circumstances?

The only people who should be judging Sarah Palin or her daughter are: people who were never pregnant or never got someone pregnant out of wedlock; people with grown children who can prove those children were never personally involved in an out-of-wedlock pregnancy; and people who have never had or will never have children.

Speaking of children, what happened to them being off limits in politics? Chelsea Clinton remained nearly untouched through the entire Clinton administration, including the campaigns. Even Obama rightly says Palin's children should be a non-issue.

If only the media would stop talking about it and move on. It’s none of our concern. Bristol Palin’s pregnancy makes absolutely no difference as to Palin’s qualifications for Vice President. That’s all that matters.

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