Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who Will FNR Endorse: Learning about Rep. Marty Seifert

I began the day early by heading out to the Miss Minnesota Workshop, and while I was driving--between interruptions from the GPS lady--I was listening to KTLK FM 100.3.

I began listening during Chris Baker's interview with Marty Seifert. I was wishing I could hear the whole thing, because it was giving me the exact information I've been looking for. I came in in the middle and had to stop before the interview ended because I had reached my destination (as the GPS lady would say).

I hadn't heard Rep. Seifert speak other than in sound bite form, so the interview was a good way to get a better idea of his personality. He came off as somewhat soft spoken, but very decisive as well. He possesses a pronounced, but not Ventura-like Minnesota accent.

While I was able to listen, he was talking mostly about his business and about the fact that he lives well outside the Twin Cities. He was also talking about the importance of relieving the burden on businesses so they will want to stay or come to Minnesota.

He told a story about a man who wanted to start a vodka distillery business in Windom, Minnesota. He had the building, the workers, the banks and everything else he needed. All he needed was a permit. He was told the permit would cost $30,000 per year, every year he would be in business. He went to Iowa and lined up the building, workers, etc., and was told his permit would be $350 per year. Where do you think this man took his business and the jobs that went with it? Seifert introduced a bill to reduce Minnesota's fee to that of our neighboring states, but it was stalled in the legislature. There are only two distillers left in Minnesota. Seifert feels strongly that it's not just taxes, but also licenses, fees, permits, regulations, and paperwork that are sending businesses fleeing for other states.

So, Marty Seifert is in favor of making it easier and more profitable for business to operate in Minnesota. Most conservatives would wholeheartedly agree.

He also spoke about how he feels Minnesota is a welfare magnet for residents of other states. People move here because we have a reputation for being a great place to live on government entitlements. Seifert would like to see regulations put in place to make that reputation disappear; for example, drug testing for new welfare applicants from other states. Again, a concept most conservatives would agree with.

He claims he is the only candidate of either party who has put out a budget; it's on his website and he's mailed it as well. "We have to be capable of doing this," he said. "It's not just rhetorical; it's got to be real."

If you want more information, visit Seifert's website and listen to the podcast of today's interview with KTLK's Chris Baker.

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