Sunday, October 31, 2010

Top five reasons Minnesotans MUST vote for Tom Emmer: Reason #5

The election is drawing near, and I am hearing some disturbing whispers out there. They are scary; just right for Halloween. They are the comments and beliefs of life-long Republicans regarding Tom Emmer. Why is this so spooky?

Because the whisperers were fed half-truths by the mainstream media, and they swallowed them whole. There have not been TV spots or newspaper articles in large enough numbers and in the right places to refute the garbage the opposition spoon fed to the masses. So now (hopefully not too little too late), I'm presenting my top five reasons why Republicans, conservatives, independents and thinking Minnesotans must vote for Tom Emmer.

I choose my words carefully. When I say "must," vote for Tom Emmer, I don't mean "should," or any other lazy word that could be inserted into the sentence. I really mean "must." Why?

Because Tom Horner just isn't going to win. The last I looked, he was polling in at about 13-15 percent. If you usually vote Republican and you're a Horner fan, realize that a vote for Horner is a vote for Dayton.

I truly believe Mark Dayton as Minnesota governor would be disastrous for this state we all love and call our home. That's really the reason in a nutshell, but I've broken it down to five sections:

Reason #5
Tom Emmer is the only pro-life candidate.

Emmer has been endorsed by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) for his flawless pro-life voting record in the Minnesota senate. He co-authored the Positive Alternatives Act, which was signed into law by Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2005. The law provides grants to organizations that help women with alternatives to abortion. He has also co-authored legislation to end taxpayer funded abortions.

He supports the Women's Right to Know Act, which provides pregnant women with crucial information about their pregnancies and the procedures involved in an abortion procedure. (e.g., Materials providing information concerning an unborn child of 20 weeks gestational age and at two weeks gestational increments thereafter covering the development of the nervous system, fetal responsiveness to adverse stimuli and other indications of capacity to experience organic pain, and the impact on fetal organic pain of each of the methods of abortion procedures commonly employed at this stage of pregnancy.) He also supports a federal ban on partial birth abortion.

Mark Dayton, on the other hand, supports partial birth abortion and voted against the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act twice when he was a U.S. Senator (you know, the job for which Time Magazine named him one of the five "worst senators").

He supports abortion on demand and rejects any attempt to ban taxpayer funding for it. He is against parental notification for minors to have abortions, a law which is currently on the books in Minnesota. He recently donated $5,000 to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States. How long do you think he would be governor before abortionists could again perform surgery on a minor without the knowlege of her parents, or any adult for that matter? This would be a boon to child molestors as well because they could bring their victims in for abortions, no questions asked.

Dayton also opposes the Women's Right to Know Act because it's better for the abortion industry if women are given no information other than what the abortion mill wants them to think: that they are about to undergo riskless procedures and they are just carrying blobs of tissue instead of living human beings.

Tom Horner was sculpted from the same piece of clay as Dayton. He supports abortion on demand, he is in favor of taxpayer funding for abortion and he opposes the Women's Right to Know Act as well.

The clear choice for life is a vote for Tom Emmer for Governor of Minnesota.

Check back very soon for reason #4, Stability.

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