Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama finally decides to silence Trump and "birther" movement

I thought the issues of Obama's birth certificate and proof of citizenship were gasping for their last breath. So I was really shocked--mouth-hanging-open shocked--when Donald Trump brought up the issue on The View.

So many on the left have accused the "birthers" (a group to which I have never belonged) of using the issue of Obama's birth certificate as a way to distract from the "real" issues. You hear that accusation against the right quite often from the left, by the way. Never mind their constant obsessive need to attack Sarah Palin, which has ceased to be a "real" issue because Palin is irrelevant to any important political issue in today's world. (What does Palin have to do with rising gas prices, three wars in the Middle East, etc.?)

I do really wish, though, that Obama had released his "real" birth certificate years ago (he even said today he thinks the question of his place of birth has been going on for more than two years). Why didn't he just stop it in it's tracks by releasing the original certificate? Could it be people are accusing the wrong people of trying to keep the dialog on trivial things like this instead of really important issues?

Birthers, who were considered by most to be laughable, obsessive conspiracy theorists, were clamoring for the long form of the birth certificate (short forms of birth certificates are a bit silly to me; my husband's is filled with false information because he's adopted, which is common). It's true Trump nearly resurrected the whole issue with dozens of interviews on the subject, but the question was always there, hanging, considered by birthers to be insufficiently answered.

The indisputable truth is that the power to shut up the birthers was always in Obama's hands. Now his detractors can't dispute his birth certificate because it's the original long form (unless they go down the ridiculous conspiratorial road of calling it a forgery).

One note to remember: This whole issue was started by Hillary Clinton, who asked for his birth certificate and questioned his place of birth when they were running against each other for the Democratic endorsement. He chose not to produce it then; so this begs the question, "Why now?"

I think Obama liked having the focus be on something so trivial and stupid as to distract from the real issues. Why else would he wait until now to produce the document that could have ended more than two years of din in America? He had to produce it now to shut Trump's mouth and stop the new bandwagon he was driving through the whole of America, on which loads of people were beginning to jump. He's trying to be re-elected. He's in campaign mode again, and he wants the focus to be on, well, how great he is, which he usually tries to illustrate by talking about how awful Republicans are.

The fact remains that the public was manipulated by Obama on this issue and the birthers played right into his hand. Nevertheless, I do believe it's time to move on (which I thought we had until Trump opened his big mouth), and hopefully see MUCH less of Donald Trump.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there ARE people who are going down the road of calling it a forgery.

John said...

My only interest in this issue is that it will be a final nail in his political coffin... I feel he deserves a humiliating end as he has made our nation worse off.
But I rather let more capable peruse it, or those that can afford to get the job done. Let Trump show us he loves our nation and put his money to work finding the truth!

Anonymous said...

I agree Tina. I actually wrote about that in my blog. Of course it is going to go that way and it already has started.

Anonymous said...

He already did. He reportedly hired several investigators to go out and start searching himself. Now if you mean to continue searching to verify the legitimacy then I agree, but think it is only fair to give him credit for already having spent some of his money for that purpose.

Friendly Neighborhood Republican said...

Wes, I appreciate your comments and your visiting my blog. I clicked on your name and followed you to your blog, "All Great Change." I really like your unique conservative perspective, and I'll be adding your blog to my list of "Excellent Links." Everyone reading this message should visit his blog, and I encourage you to all keep visiting the Friendly Neighborhood Republican.

Wes King said...
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Friendly Neighborhood Republican said...

Wes, done. Thanks for the heads-up. Glad to change it.