Thursday, August 14, 2008

Al Franken's TV Ads: Something's Gotta Change

I've been involuntarily watching Al Franken's latest slew of campaign ads in the last week or so. One thing stood out among the swill: one of his new slogans. He has so many. I think it's a slogan. If it is, it's the weakest one I've ever heard. From anyone. Ever.

It comes at the end of his ad, "Two Images," in which he states, "It's time for Norm to go." Then comes a photo of Al, with his voiceover, which says, "I'm Al Franken. Something's gotta change, and that's why I approve this message."

"Something's gotta change?" This is Al's big idea for not only his Senate campaign, but for what he will do if elected. He is running for the United States Senate. What would it be like if people in other occupations used this mantra?

You invite a decorator to your house to decorate your living room. You don't know him personally, but your friends say he's great. He walks in, studies the room for a few minutes, and then says, "Something's gotta change." That's it. Period. He has no other ideas, just that he doesn't like your current living room and he thinks it needs to be changed. Would you hire him?

You've fallen and injured your knee. The pain is so intense that it's driving all other thoughts from your brain. You're desperate for help. You see a doctor who was recommended by friends. He looks at your knee, which is clearly in need of serious help, and says, "Something's gotta change." You want to punch him in the face.

I could go on, but you get the drift. "Something's gotta change" is just a random thought, not an idea, or a plan, or a proposal. Why in the world would anyone hire Al Franken for the job of United States Senator from the State of Minnesota based on something this weak?

I believe that how one runs his campaign is indicative of how one will run his business. Franken's campaign has shown its utter ineptitude by not checking into its own candidate's business records, past pornographic writings, etc. Now, they've paid good money for air time so that Al could share this gem of a slogan with all Minnesotans.

If this is all the Franken campaign is capable of, then something's gotta change.

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