Monday, August 4, 2008

I thought I was watching Saturday Night Live

I was at the doctor the other day. While sitting in the lobby, I noticed I had my orange "Norm '08" button on my purse. The thought to remove it crossed my mind, as I had no idea of the political affiliation of the doctor I was about to see, and she might be performing minor surgery on me any minute. What if she sees it and hates me? She has a scalpel.

I didn't remove the button. I don't know if it was so much that I decided not to, or that my name was quickly called for my appointment.

After the procedure, as the doctor was walking out, she said, "Oh, I didn't see your purse before. I see your button." She then turned, winked, and said, "You have a lot of friends in this office. I love Norm." Then she added, "I just saw my first Al Franken commercial this morning, and I couldn't shake the feeling that whenever he was on screen, I was watching an old Saturday Night Live rerun." She smiled, gave me a thumbs up, and left.

I loved it. An old Saturday Night Live rerun. I thought about it a lot as I left the office. Isn't that, in fact, what we're doing, watching a prolonged Saturday Night Live skit with Al Franken playing the role of the "serious" senator?

And just to cement the idea, the Franken campaign came up with a bad SNL-esque move today on the Capitol steps. They hired a President George Bush impersonator to say disparaging things about Norm Coleman. I have to say that whenever I think of seriousness, class, decorum, and all the qualities a senator should possess (but that Al Franken wants you to think he possesses but doesn't) I think of a bad Bush impersonator making a spectacle at, of all places, our State Capitol.
Good move, Al. I think my doctor is right. She, and the rest of us, are being subjected to a bad SNL skit posing as a campaign. I just hope enough Minnesotans realize it and turn the channel.

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