Saturday, July 27, 2013

Most Recent Commentary in the Star Tribune Unveils the Real Me

I have been ignoring my blog for some time.  Today, I felt inspired to at least update my latest article to be published in the Star Tribune.  I never included the link in this blog like all of the other articles and letters I had written that were published in various publications. So I decided to include this one, of which I am very proud.

It is personal, raw, and was incredibly difficult to send to the Strib.  However, I felt an obligation to society to write it after a ridiculous, almost-parody-of-what-liberals-think-conservatives-believe Commentary about entitlement programs, including Social Security Disability.

So I wrote it.  I sent it.  It was published.  I effectively "came out" to everyone who read it as a disabled Republican.  It was a very personal issue I chose to air in a very public way because the misinformation included in the original Commentary article I was responding to was so very wrong, insulting, etc., that I couldn't let it stand.

So here's the link to the original article.

And here's the Counterpoint I wrote in response to that article:

I'm proud of what I wrote because it educated people about what most conservatives stand for and told my truth in the best way I could tell it.  Please read.

Old "Net Let" to the Strib Still Rings True

I just ran across a "Net Let" I wrote that was published by the Star Tribune on its on-line page that allows people to share their views on line rather than in print.  These posts are hand-picked by the Strib as printable, but they just don't have the room in the print version.

Here is the link to the Net Let I wrote.  Yes, it's old.  It's from 2008.  It's in response to a Commentary piece with which I disagreed vehemently. Yet it is still a relevant commentary about the abortion culture in America.  I guess that is the most sad thing about it:  it's still relevant because nothing has changed.

It would probably be helpful to read the original Commentary article I was responding to.  Here's the link:

After you have read that, you can read my response, which, while called a "Net Let," is really more of a Counterpoint to the original article.  It's included with the other Net Lets, and is under the heading: "Still more facets to the abortion debate"