Monday, January 4, 2010

Obama Hanged in Effigy: Blogosphere Quick to Blame Conservatives

This weekend's awful discovery of an effigy of President Obama hanging from a building in Plains, Georgia sparked lots of premature blame from bloggers.

Note: I refuse to attribute any comments I might use here, because I don't want to give these people free advertising. I'm also not running the photo of the effigy because I find the image disturbing and disgusting.

Bloggers today have blamed, "Evil GOP Bastards," and "Frustrated Racist Tea Baggers." One site asked, "Rush Limbaugh? Glenn Beck? Happy Now?"

Limbaugh and Beck were blamed because of the "hate they have instilled in so many of their ignorant followers."

That's just the beginning. The hatred spewed in many of the comments on the blogs shocked me. Here are a few more "pearls:"

"It's easy for us to be anxious about foreign terrorists, but such worry is misplaced in the face of home-grown demagogues like Glenn Beck and his ilk, who incite ugly outpourings such as this - and who veer frankly into sedition."

"No effigy of Bush or Cheney when it was they who destroyed the world economy. "

"The K.K.K. is now the republican party under another name. Maybe now they are called Teabaggers or Birthers?"

"These Obama-haters are worse than anything we've seen in years. It's probably run by the Aryan nation, who are afraid of a smart black (albiet half-black-they seem to forget he's part white) man. I'll bet they're mainly Republicans too!!! "

So much for tolerance.

How about waiting until the Secret Service investigation is over before we start pointing fingers? We don't know who is responsible, and we may never know. It could have been a liberal trying to set up the blame on conservatives. It could be some crazy person, with no political affiliation whatsoever, who is just a racist. If it was someone who calls themselves a "conservative," I will be appalled because they don't represent me or the vast majority of conservatives, who are not racists. They hurt the conservative cause by doing things like this, just as those who kill abortionists only hurt the pro-life cause.

Most of us have already been labeled racists by the likes of Janeane Garofalo and her ilk for daring to even disagree with the anointed one. They just can't understand that we actually don't like Obama's policies and think he is systematically destroying our country. It's just easier to cry, "racist!" than to talk through the issues, I guess.

To quote the late, great Elvis Presley: "Stop, look and listen, baby. That's my philosophy." Liberals could use more of the King's "philosophy" before they come to these hasty conclusions.


Anonymous said...

You mean "elected one" don't you?

Friendly Neighborhood Republican said...

Touché. I stand corrected. Wrong use of the word. He was elected not anointed, but his followers act as if he is more than just a president, more than just a man. It's as if he something almost holy. To those who don't worship him, it's a little creepy.

Anonymous said...

Now you know how liberals felt for 8 years watching conservatives fawn over Bush when we thought his policies were systematically destroying our country. In my eyes, Bush was anointed by the Supreme Court.

Friendly Neighborhood Republican said...

You have a right to your own opinions and feelings, of course, but I feel the situations are a little different. Since this blog post brought up racism, let's just hit on that. If you don't agree with Obama, you are racist, at least according to former president Jimmy Carter and others. There is no understanding that we may not like his policies, which have nothing to do with his skin color, but if we disagree with him on anything, we are racists. That's just absurd. In fact, I think it's more racist for the left to reduce Obama to just a skin color rather than a complex person with ideas that people may disagree with.