Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Will the Left Finally Get It?

So Scott Brown, a Republican, is to be the new Senator from Massachusetts. A Republican hasn't been elected to the Senate in Massachusetts since the 70's. This is big.

There were a lot of factors that went into Martha Coakley's stunning defeat. She was inherently unlikable, for one thing. She couldn't seem to open her mouth without offending someone. She offended Catholics in a radio interview by saying if they object to certain medical procedures on moral grounds then they shouldn't work in emergency rooms. Great move--insult Catholics in probably the most Catholic state in the country.

But there was more. This was a litmus test, if you will, on the left and its entire existence. It was a referendum on Obama, Peloci, Reid and Emanuel. It was a decisive opinion on socialized medicine, government takeovers of private businesses, and big government in general.

So, will the left finally get it? Will they understand that they're shoving socialized medicine down American's throats and we don't like how it tastes?

I doubt it.

They are so wrapped up in their own elitist bubble that they are, I believe, incapable of seeing what's beyond it. They have their ideas about what's best for the American people, and they don't really care if the people like it or not. In the typical liberal elitist fashion, they think they know what's best for the "little people."

They have their agenda, and I think they'll stick to it no matter what America thinks. If they do anything that seems logical to help Americans (like Senators Franken and Kerry's proposed amendment to the health care bill that would delay taxes in medical devices until 2013--after the next round of elections) it will be for personal gain. They didn't care about the consequences of the tax on medical device companies and their employees; they just cared about Democrats getting re-elected before the companies were furious about the effects of being slammed with another huge tax. Typical.

So, in my humble opinion, the left will not get it, they will never get it, and we have to stop thinking they will. We just have to get rid of as many of them as we can at every opportunity we have to do it. That started tonight with the election of Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate.

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