Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Four reasons conservative Minnesotans should help MA's Scott Brown be elected to U.S. Senate

Why should Minnesota conservatives care about a Senate race between Martha Coakley and Scott Brown? After all, it's taking place all the way over in Massachusetts. So why should we care?

Because it could have a direct effect on you, your children and your grandchildren.

Martha Coakley, a Democrat, and Scott Brown, a Republican, are in a very contentious race for the U.S.Senate seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy.

The Senate is very polarized these days, and we are in desperate need of more Republican Senators. It would be a coup for Republicans to win a Senate seat that had been occupied by liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy for 47 years. More important, it would deny Democrats the crucial 60th Senate seat they need to stop Republican filibusters of bills that further Obama's socialist agenda.

Brown has been running on the promise to stop the Senate health care "reform" bill. He is particularly opposed to the part of the bill that puts a tax on medical devices. With 1,349 medical equipment and device companies in Massachusetts, the state has a huge stake in stopping this tax.

Minnesota has a stake in killing the tax on medical devices as well. There are 1,008 medical equipment and device companies in Minnesota, 463 of them in Hennepin County alone. The tax on medical devices included in the bill could do catastrophic damage to companies such as Medtronic, whose world headquarters is in Minneapolis.

This even caught the attention of senator Al Franken (oh, it hurts to write that), who co-sponsored an amendment to the health care reform bill with fellow liberal senator, John Kerry, to to delay the device tax to 2013. The amendment was not adopted in the Senate's final version of the bill. I don't know what they thought delaying the tax would do to help medical device manufacturers; it would still threaten to destroy some of them and seriously decrease the profits of others--possibly driving them out of the country--whether the tax is in 2010 or 2013. The only reason I can see for doing that is to delay the tax to start after the 2012 election. Hmmmm, do you think that was behind this? Thanks for looking out for us, senator Franken.

Brown's opponent, Democrat Martha Coakley has revealed herself today to be a typical liberal who has trouble with the truth and blames things on right-wing conspiracies. She was approached last night after a Washington D.C. fundraiser by Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack. He asked her if she stood by her comments, made during a debate on Monday, that there are no terrorists in Afghanistan. She rudely refused to answer his question. Shortly thereafter, a man linked to Coakley's campaign knocked McCormack to the ground. According to McCormack, she looked at him lying on the ground and kept on walking.

When asked about the incident today, Coakley said, “I’m not sure what happened. I know something occurred, but I’m not privy to the facts. I’m sure it will come out, but I’m not aware of that.” She went on to blame GOP "stalkers" for any problems that occurred after the event. There is an AP photo and video of the incident. You can plainly see Coakley was "aware" of the incident.

So there are four reasons why Minnesota conservatives should care about this far-away Senate race:

  1. The seat is needed to deny Democrats the crucial 60th vote.
  2. We need a conservative voice to help stop the tax on medical devices, which could cost Minnesotans jobs. The liberals are only using the issue to look out for themselves.
  3. Democrat Martha Coakley is a typical liberal who seems to have a distant relationship with the truth and blames her problems on GOP conspiracies. We don't need another one of these in the Senate. We have enough of them, thank you.
  4. Stopping the Democrat insanity in Washington is key to your future and the future of your family. Banding together and helping conservatives be elected across the country will help America stay recognizable.
What can you do? You can still donate money to Scott Brown's campaign. You can make phone calls on his behalf as well. (Don't freak out about the page heading. You don't need to travel to MA to do this. You can do it from home.)

Pray this works because our future and the future of our children depends on electing conservative candidates to the Senate to stop Obama's socialist agenda.

That's Coakley on the left clearly looking at
Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack, who was "allegedly" pushed to the ground by the other man in the photo, who is linked to Coakley's campaign. She later stated she was "unaware" of the incident.

Poto by AP

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