Monday, March 1, 2010

The Party of "No?"

Apparently most Democrats have gotten the talking points memo from the powers that be telling them to call Republicans the party of "no" and accuse them of being obstructionists.

Two people had these same remarks about an article I wrote for my column about Erik Paulsen. The posts were so similar that one might think they were written by the same person, but one of the posters assures us that they are two different people.

I find this happens so often it's funny. I'll be watching the Sunday morning shows or something on Fox, and the Democrats or progressives will all, without exception, use the same words, phrases, insults, etc. Then I say to my husband, "Well, it looks like everyone got the memo."

I know both political parties have their talking points, but I think the conservatives must know how to shake it up a little and make the words or ideas their own. They don't appear to be robots repeating what was programmed into their microchips.

The progressive's identical words and phrases will be used for about a week, and then new ones will replace them; unless there is a really good one they want to trot out all the time, like the allegation that the Republican party is the party of "no."

The party of "no." We're starting to hear it everywhere now. From conversations with progressives in our communities or families, to almost every progressive pundit on T.V. or radio saying the Republican party is the party of "no."

That couldn't be farther from the truth.

Progressives would say, "How can you say that? Let's enumerate everything you say no to. You're:
  1. against health care reform;
  2. anti-government;
  3. anti-choice;
  4. against business regulations;
  5. against the government's saving essential industries like banks and automobile manufacturers;
  6. anti-gay marriage;
  7. anti-gun control;
  8. against the separation of church and state;
  9. anti-environmentalist
  10. against teachers and public schools;
  11. anti-welfare and social safety nets.
You are the party of "no."

Every day, I will be writing a new column addressing each of the 11 things listed above and what I believe Conservatives should answer to the allegation of being the party of "no" in each case.

I look forward to exploring these issues in depth and slogging through the muck of accusations, lies and misunderstandings.

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