Monday, March 15, 2010

Oberstar Announces He Will Vote for ObamaCare Without Abortion Language -- Time to Get to Work!

Jim Oberstar said in an interview reported by the Associated Press this morning that he will vote "yes" for ObamaCare, after starting out as one of the ever-shrinking "Stupak 12" pro-life Democrats who opposed this bill because it would force the use of federal money to pay for abortions.

"Absolutist positions on one issue are not useful," Oberstar said,noting that discussions are still under way on adjusting the abortion language in the final bill that will follow the House passage of the Senate bill.

The first thought I have upon reading this is: the quote, "Absolutist positions on one issue are not useful," is the most robotic quote I may have ever heard.

Think about it. You can hear a robot saying those words, can't you?

The robot says in his non-human, nasal, scripted monotone containing just a hint of a programmed echo, ""

What did they do to this guy?

This is not just your average issue, Jim. It's abortion. It's about human life. It's about saving those lives. It's about not forcing your fellow American citizens to pay for killing human beings. It's about not having the blood of the innocent on your hands.

The second thought I have is: It's time to pick up the telephone!

So, if you are so inclined (and please be so inclined) here's his phone number:

Rep. James L. Oberstar (D-MN-08)

Call: 202-225-6211

Even if you're not in his district, you are a Minnesotan. Minnesotans have relatives. I personally have dozens of them who live in the 8th District, which Oberstar represents. Minnesotans have cabins "up north." We have friends there. Call your relatives and friends and ask them to call Jim. Time is closing in, and we can't possibly fight too hard for this.

I remember my cousin pointing out Oberstar's house to me when I was a kid on a bike. I'm a grandmother now. Probably time to retire this guy, huh?

Well, if you're on Facebook, you can join the "James Oberstar Retirement Task Force" page.

Now, after you've done all that, Facebook your relatives or friends who vote in the 8th District, and ask them to join the "James Oberstar Retirement Task Force" page. Then ask them to campaign and vote for for whomever goes up against him.

Then get off the phone, get off your computer, and live your life. Thanks. Ya done good.

(You can also read a very similar article in my column on I love the photo--and the timliness of the photo--so much I can't stand it.)

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