Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SD42 Full Committee Meeting - Republicans Are Energized!

There is something inspiring about standing in a room saying the Pledge of Allegiance in a confident, clear voice, with hand over heart, and knowing everyone in the room reciting that pledge with you means every word of it.

I just came from the SD42 Full Committee Meeting at the Eden Prairie Community Center. Most wouldn't describe a meeting at which Robert's Rules of Order reign supreme as fun, but it was.

I have to say that seeing people I have known for some time now and meeting new friends there was so great.

There was laughter, applause, a standing ovation for the man who has stepped up to the very important plate of running for an absolutely essential office and for the man who made a very humble decision to step aside to help make the SD42 Republicans even stronger.

There were so many new faces, and it was really energizing to see them and hear their ideas. There was also at one point such a palpable feeing of passion and drive that it was quite moving. We are ready to ensure the success of those who put themselves out there to represent us in this republic we love. We are ready to "rally the troops" to win in 2010, and though some of it sounded really fun and there was a lot of levity, we were also soberly reminded of how vitally important our success is to our children's futures and the future of our country.

I was speaking to a woman after the meeting, and we were talking about how some are in despair over what is happening to our country. She told a story about open hearts ready to rise up and protect their nation. I told her that the day of the presidential election, I told my son I thought we would get the president we deserved.

We did.

Someone I respect and love dearly once told me that when God wants you to take action about something, He first taps you on the shoulder; then He knocks on the door; then He rings the doorbell; then He knocks you upside the head; and then, if you still don't pay attention to Him, He may put up a brick wall.

Well, we Republicans are paying attention now. I think this country is going to see people rise up to save it like nothing it has ever seen. And it starts here, in Eden Prairie. It starts with the school board and the City Council. It starts with our state representatives and senators. These hyper-local positions may seem unimportant to some, but we have to change our minds about that.

For example, school boards can have a huge effect on what your children learn. When my son was small, there was a huge local brouhaha over what I liked to call the "existential math" they were teaching in the lower grades, which led to a bunch of fifth graders arriving at Oak Point unable to do simple multiplication and division, and sometimes even addition and subtraction. We, and many other parents, attended school board meetings and wrote letters to the editor. Ultimately we taught our own children with flashcards at dining room tables until they were ready for math. My son still isn't confident of his math skills as a high school senior, though he has always done well in math. It's just a product of being so unsure about math as a small boy for so long, and the feeling stuck with him, even though his skills progressed.

Local political positions do matter.

Every one of the open seats in this district will have a direct effect on you and your families. If you care about them, your city, and your country, join the rest of us and help turn the wrongs that were done in the 2008 election around.

Tonight I spent two hours with a group of patriots. I am lifted up by it. You can be too. Find out the website of your local district, and contact them about helping in any way you can. (The SD42 website link is on the right of this page under "Excellent Links.") Some can donate much needed funds, some can make phone calls, some can knock on doors, and some can run for office. Republicans, it's time to take action, because I think we ignored that tap on the shoulder and the knock at the door. In my opinion, we were knocked upside the head in 2008.

Look out America. Republicans are paying attention, and we're taking action.

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Love reading your articles Crystal!!! Keep them coming!